Happy New Year 2015 everyone

So goals are set and a stressful 2014 is behind me. Ready to take on 2015. I’m excited to see what new adventures await in the new year.


Eat better, lose weight, read more, start a new business.


Improve job situation, travel to France in February, Hong Kong in June and try to see where else I can manage with my limited vacation time.

We’ll see what happens. Created a new website address of cliqbait.com which is suppose to be kind of funny. It will eventually point to a new blog site that will be more business or commercialized. I don’t know why wordpress defaulted it to this blog but I’ll fix that soon enough.


Crazy times and trip to DTW

I’ve been trying to sell my house for a year now. We currently own two after moving from the St. Louis area to the KC area. I just can’t figure out why someone hasn’t jumped on our house that we have for sale. The price is good compared to others in the area and it has a lot of great features. I guess it will sell eventually. We also lost most of the Summer months under contract with some folks that couldn’t close the loan at the last minute. Sad.

My trip to Detroit recently was fun I guess. Flew on Spirit Airlines from MCI to DTW in the big front seats. Decent flight but some delays coming back. I’d say Spirits biggest challenge is the ground crews at both airports. They just didn’t seem like in that much of a hurry to get us going on time, unload baggage, etc. I will fly them again if needed but most likely won’t go out of my way. People complain that they nickle and dime with fees which the do but the fare is so cheap it just balances out in the end. I’d say the biggest mistake they are making on the fees is charging too much for beverages. $7 for a beer seems really high to me. Maybe charge like $4 or $5 then they would sell some and still make a profit.

At $7 most people would pass I think. 2014-10-08 11.37.43

2014-10-13 20.48.112014-10-08 11.12.51

Loss of my good friend Zoe

 My eyes are sore from crying today. Unfortunately we had to put our dog Zoe to sleep today. She had a big heart but it finally wore out I guess. Due to age, heart issues and cancer it finally caught up with her late last week. We had her at the vet for several days in a row but finally my wife had to take her to the emergency vet early today. She wasn’t going to make it and all we could do was prolong her pain and suffering so we had to make a tough choice. 

Zoe was such a good dog. Sure she had her moments but overall she was always just a joy to be around. I can’t believe she’s gone. I’m traveling this week on the West coast which even made it harder. My final moments with her involved cradling her like a baby so I could feed her Gatorade out of a syringe. I’ll never forget her look. Her eyes dim, her smile all but gone as she looked at me lovingly.  It hurts. Sorry to share my pain but I must in order to grieve. She always liked to help with projects around the house so we called her “helper” dog. She always knew when something was going on around the house. She was never a big fan of painting but loved plumbing projects, carpentry, you name it. I could always count on her to be right there inspecting the action. Now I’ll feel that loss and wonder where she is the next time I do a chore around the house.

Zoe was an Italian Greyhound and could run with the best of them. I’ll also never forget the last couple times she sprinted across our big yard toward me. I wondered why she was a little slow on that last run in our front yard. Now I know why, the end was near. 

I prayed that God would not let her suffer and it seems that he answered that prayer for us. I thank God for the joy she gave us.  I don’t know that pets go to heaven or that we will even be worried about them when we get there but today I’m in hope that maybe they do.  Rest in peace my sweet friend. 

Quick update

Heading out to PDX and SJC next week so I may miss a week (we’ll see). Business trips are fun of course but at least most of it is in Santa Cruz. 


Another windy podcast for July 14th, 2014

I just wanted to throw up another podcast file here. I’m still battling wind noise so I may need to buy a mic for my runs that will cut down on the noise. Sorry this is still new to me so bear with me (or is it bare with me) while I sort out the details. 

Anyway this is another run around Wellsville so enjoy and let me know if you have any feedback or comments. 

Link to July 14th podcast number 3


Funny sign at Wellsville HS. "Joggers" use outer lanes.  Why you ask. Because it's a rule. Good thing I'm a "runner" and not a "jogger" :)

Funny sign at Wellsville HS. “Joggers” use outer lanes. Why you ask. Because it’s a rule. Good thing I’m a “runner” and not a “jogger” 🙂


Spring Fever !

It’s been a long hard winter in the Midwest where I live. We’ve had a couple warm days recently but only to head back into days of cold weather. The cold days are getting warmer but I “NEED” Spring to arrive SOON.  It has been a hard Winter for running, which is my favorite sport. I’m just starting to get back into the groove but now I’m 10 pounds over my normal running weight. It gets so hard to lose weight the older you get.  

Anyway I love Spring. I used to think Summer was my favorite but Spring seems to be now. Right around Easter it’s always so nice to get outside and see the new grass and plants turning green. New life all over the place. Maybe that’s why celebrating Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is so special. He gives us New Life through his sacrifice just like God gives new life to physically to plants, animals, etc. He is the Light of the world.