Spring Fever !

It’s been a long hard winter in the Midwest where I live. We’ve had a couple warm days recently but only to head back into days of cold weather. The cold days are getting warmer but I “NEED” Spring to arrive SOON.  It has been a hard Winter for running, which is my favorite sport. I’m just starting to get back into the groove but now I’m 10 pounds over my normal running weight. It gets so hard to lose weight the older you get.  

Anyway I love Spring. I used to think Summer was my favorite but Spring seems to be now. Right around Easter it’s always so nice to get outside and see the new grass and plants turning green. New life all over the place. Maybe that’s why celebrating Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is so special. He gives us New Life through his sacrifice just like God gives new life to physically to plants, animals, etc. He is the Light of the world. 



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