Greatest war movies

I’m a typically movie loving guy I guess. I have a real passion for great war movies. I’ve argued with myself about what are the best war movies of all time. It sounds like a simple top 10 list but it’s really not. There are so many different types of war movies. How much drama versus action is perfect. Too many flashbacks can equal a poor movie in some cases. So for my current (subject to change at any time) list of all around best war movies here is what I have on my top list:


The Longest Day

Act of Valor

We were soldiers

Saving Private Ryan

Sergeant York

Band of Brothers (although an actually miniseries)


Black Hawk Down

A Bridge Too Far

The Great Escape

Where Eagles Dare

Kelly’s Heroes

Pearl Harbor

The Patriot

The Horse Soldiers

Memphis Belle

Battle of Britain

Keep in mind this list doesn’t include any ancient history type war movies. Only modern era and a few civil war movies.. I know it’s missed some like Platoon, Apocalypse Now and some others but I said “best” not “all”. Any suggestions for something I may have missed?  Outlaw Josie Wales and Ride with the Devil get honorable mention as does Strategic Air Command but either don’t quite fit the mold or I’m not sure they belong. For example Gone with the Wind or The Sound of Music are war related but really not war movies. 


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