Snake Oil? Maybe… butt it works !!


Ok so Anti-Monkey butt powder and  Anti-Monkey Butt diaper rash creme might have been invented for babies or diaper rash issues but many people have found it to be a wonder product for other folks.  If you are an athlete or someone with say….backside issues like excessive sweating, sufferer of hemorrhoids, professional driver, etc. then you might be really interested.

I’m a veteran marathon runner and my job has me on the road all the time. When you add these issues together it can add up to major backside and friction problems.  I have never found as good of a product as anti-monkey butt powder. I use it to control moisture and friction. It has really been a miracle product. The only thing close is the zinc creme they sell. It is really helpful for those private areas before you go out for a run or as a treatment for external hemorrhoids or rash issues.. It can be a little hard to find however many online and brick and mortar stores have it. I usually buy it from or from my local Rural King store.  Check it out you will like it.  You can also buy it direct from the company as well

I do not get a profit from any of these links it’s just good advice from a loyal customer.




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