Free Magazines ! Everyone likes “FREE” :)

Everyone likes free stuff so here is a place where you can choose a free magazine subscription. No strings attached unless you click yes to any of the extra emails, etc. I’ve used this way to subscribe to several magazines for years so I know it works although once in a great while you’ll sign up for one and never see it.  Usually you will get it. It does take a few weeks to start showing up.  Also I don’t think there is a way to add on to a current subscription through this method.  Also beware that some of the subscriptions are “Digital” only which means you won’t get it in your mailbox but only access through the internet which also might mean giving up your email address.  There are a limited number of selections you never know how long this will be alive.

I found this on the “Freebie Blogger” which is a great site for such stuff.



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