Review of Starved Rock Lodge Illinois

Starved Rock lodge main room

Starved Rock lodge main room

Starved Rock is a state owned vendor run lodge / hotel in Central Illinois. It is a great place if you enjoy outdoor hiking in a historic lodge setting.  This lodge and the cabins are part of the CCC Civilian Conservation Corp depression era socialist program under FDR. They built the cabins and lodge between 1933 and 1939 under the CCC.  Although I’m no fan of this program as it helped extend the depression like the Obama stimulus program effect on a higher level.  The result is a beautiful and special place. A true gem in Illinois. Check out more photos on the website link below.

Sorry I don’t have any photos of the rooms. I stayed in the main lodge hotel type rooms. They are a little dated but nice and clean. If you are expecting a luxury hotel this is not the place. If you want a semi rustic lodge with 1980’s style rooms that are clean then you will be more than happy here.  Bring your hiking or tennis shoes as there are miles of well maintained trails and walkways. I usually run the trails and they are easy to navigate. There are many steps in places so it could be a challenge if you have walking challenges.

The lodge is also a great place for a meeting. They have a number of board room style meeting rooms available.  The indoor pool is fantastic.  The main dining room has great food and service as well as a very nice setting with large fireplace.  The bar is tucked back in the corner of the dining area but is very nice with great views, beer selections and food available from the main menu.  I also enjoyed the gift shop which sells the typical t-shirts but also has some higher end items as well.

Best choice for breakfast would either be the coffee snack bar in the lobby of the lodge or the main dining room depending on your speed.

View from Starved Rock patio

View from Starved Rock patio

Starved Rock Lodge

Starved Rock Lodge

Lodge lobby


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