Running on November 5th vs January 6th

I enjoy running in warm weather the most. Don’t get me wrong 50f degrees in light wind overcast is about as  perfect as it gets but nothing is as good as running along the beach or along a trail in warm weather. Racing is a bit different of course. 45 degrees with a slight wind and low humidity is very good for a marathon. Every runner has a perfect condition for them. Unfortunately unless you live in some place like San Diego you don’t get many perfect running days per year. I had a very good run on November 5th around our neighborhood. Slightly rainy Fall day with leaves on a trailer near my home. A little cooler than I like but still a very nice Fall day in a slight mist. I contrast that with our -6 degree blizzard like conditions with 12 inches of blowing down my street today and I miss it. I was confined to my treadmill in the basement, it’s like torture. Not even my favorite podcast could overcome it for long.  Check him out over at Nigel Runner

Fall running path 11-5-13

Fall running path 11-5-13

Running trailer 11-5-13

Running trailer 11-5-13

Deer on trail 11-5-13

Deer on trail 11-5-13

The deer are rather tame in our neighborhood, even during deer hunting season here in Missouri.


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